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The Alter Ego Project (Alter #1: Cobra)

So my Cobra necklace came in yesterday, and of course I was wearing it with pride and gladly showed it off to anyone who had a moment to spare. Not everyone got the reference, but, oh well. I was also wearing my Hot Mess t-shirt that I got at the Boys Like Girls show back in November (which, whoa, coincidence?? I think not!). I fell asleep wearing the shirt because I was too tired to change. So I was wearing it for the better part of today.

While wearing said shirt, I decided I wanted to do a small photo shoot (AKA, me taking up to 50 photos of myself, and deleting up to 49 of them) to introduce my new Cobra necklace, because seriously, that thing makes me feel seriously hardcore.

Then I thought, why not go all out? I'm wearing a Hot Mess t-shirt and I've got the necklace the girl was wearing on the cover of Hot Mess. I obviously can't go get the tattoo that the girl had on the inside of her lower lip (although I just might at some point), but I can make myself look like a hot mess.

So I started experimenting with my makeup, and adding random elements as I went along that I thought of when imagining a girl one would describe as a hot mess. I put on lots of black eyeshadow and smudged it to make it look like I fell asleep in it, but you know that wasn't enough. So I put on my bright red lipstick and fucked. that. shit. up. I also put random steaks of black eyeshadow on my cheeks to look just...grimy, I guess you could say? That's when finally, I got the inspiration for the focus of the look: a black eye. I only have lavender eyeshadow, but I put enough on the Q-tip to make it look like a darker purple, concentrated it around the eye itself, and added random blots of purple and black around the edges. You could totally tell it was just makeup, but really, who gives a fuck, it's just a look. I only saved 4 of the photos I took, but I gave them their own album on Facebook and titled it Hot Mess.

I got really attached to these photos, though, and the girl in them. Somehow I looked at her and I saw someone who just wasn't really me, y'know? So I made her my alter ego.

I know, that just sounds weird, but come on! Think of how fun that could be, telling people all about my alter ego based entirely on a Cobra Starship CD. I was trying to come up with a name for her, and my mum and I actually had a whole discussion about what her name should be, based on the photos I took and the motto I made for her ("I'm nothing but a hot mess in a cold world.") After a while though, my mum suggested a name that should have been obvious from the very beginning, and I became really attached to it. Thus my alter ego was born.

But then I started thinking again. I mean, I have so many different looks and styles with just the little bit of cheap makeup that I have, so I thought: Who says I can only have one alter ego? Who's to say I can't have multiple, based on the way I wear the makeup and how I feel when I wear it in that way?

This is how my Alter Ego Project was born. Basically, I'm going to expand my makeup collection (so that, y'know, it's an actual makeup collection), experiment with different methods, styles, and looks, and when I find one I like, she shall become another one of my alter egos complete with the following:
Name, Look(photo), Motto, Trademark item, Song, and Story/Personality. Each alter ego will have their own background/primer post on LJ and Facebook, as well as her own photo album on FB. Whenever I wear that look, I'll try to take more photos and put them in that album.

Thus, I introduce my very first alter ego, who will always have a special place in my heart!

Name: Cobra
Motto: "I'm nothing but a hot mess in a cold world."
Trademark item: Gold Cobra necklace
Song: Hot Mess - Cobra Starship
Story/Personality: (And yes, as you might have predicted, it's based almost entirely on the song, with some of my own added details. Leave me alone.) Cobra grew up in a nice suburban neighborhood, but from the moment she saw the New York City skyline in a snowglobe on her father's mantle, she dreamed of the city lights and the freedom they represented, freedom to be anonymous and indulge in all the physical pleasures she could fathom. Cobra's got a sweet face, but don't let that fool you, because she's got more venom in her than her name implies. But when you've got conservative parents and live in a town where you need to keep your special hobbies a secret, you get impatient waiting to reach those lights. So needless to say, her habits as a kid got her into a lot of trouble, grounded more often than not (not that this always stopped her), under surveillance of the whole goddamn town 24/7. But as soon as Cobra hit 18, you know she was out faster than you can say "Happy Birthday". She's free now, and she's lovin' it. This girl brushes her teeth with Jack Daniels and pours Bacardi into her Fruity Pebbles. At night you can find her in any given bar, club, or "back room", dancing up on tables in her highest heels and her shortest skirts with a half empty bottle in her hand, stumbling her way down the sidewalk with smeared makeup or doing a few lines in the bathroom. During the day, expect to find her sleeping off a bender behind a dumpster or on a stranger's living room floor (or bed). All Cobra knows is, she's still living off Daddy's bank account and as soon as the sun goes down and those city lights come on, she can dance in her inebriation until she forgets who she used to be and any ambition she used to have, because with drinks like these, who needs dreams?

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